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This site is a resource for information on the history, activities, and outputs of the “Recruitments” project, convened by the “Human Sociality and Systems of Language Use” project (an ERC project awarded to Nick Enfield, 2010-2014) in collaboration with other members of the “Interactional Foundations of Language” project (supported by Stephen Levinson’s Language and Cognition Group and his ERC Advanced Grant INTERACT 2011-2015).

Project members: If anything is missing or needs clarification or correction, please let me know (

Researchers involved in the conceptual and empirical work of the project (2010-2014)

Contributors to the comparative coding study using video corpora:

Julija Baranova, Joe Blythe, Mark Dingemanse, N. J. Enfield, Simeon Floyd, Kobin H. Kendrick, Giovanni Rossi and Jörg Zinken.

Participants and conceptual collaborators in discussion and data analysis:

Lorena Pool Balam, Julija Baranova, Joe Blythe, Penelope Brown, Mark Dingemanse, Tyko Dirksmeyer, Paul Drew, Nick Enfield, Simeon Floyd, Rósa S. Gísladóttir, Gertie Hoymann, Kobin H. Kendrick, Stephen C. Levinson, Lilla Magyari, Elizabeth Manrique, Ruth Parry, Séan G. Roberts, Giovanni Rossi, Jack Sidnell and Tanya Stivers and Francisco Torreira.